Working Effectively with Clients with Challenging Behaviors

This training is designed for public interest attorneys who work with low-income clients, including clients with mental health disabilities, who may present with challenging behaviors. To provide effective representation, an advocate needs to respond to these challenges by building trust with their client, providing reasonable accommodations when necessary, and setting professional boundaries. The training will […]

Difficult Conversations in Legal Aid: Caring for Clients and Caring for Self

This training will provide examples of how to engage with clients in a legal aid setting that is both trauma-informed and sustainable. Within this framework, the following objectives will be highlighted: (a) how to prepare to work with clients seeking legal aid, (b) tools for having difficult conversations, (c) personal and professional sustainability practices in […]

Trauma-Informed Legal Aid: A Shift in Professional Culture and Education

This training was developed for public interest attorneys who are looking for practical ways to influence and enact a plan that shifts traditional legal aid models to ones centered on trauma-informed practices. Objectives reviewed within this framework will include: (a) how professional culture influences practice and trends in legal aid, (b) strategies for adapting practices […]

Organizational Support for Trauma Informed Care in Legal Aid

Organizational Support for Trauma-Informed Care in Legal Aid Description This training will provide an overview of the essential elements of a trauma-informed organization. In addition, the following objectives will be highlighted: a) the importance of organizational assessment in order to identify strengths and needed areas of growth b) evaluating the results and creating a pathway […]

How Mindfulness Can Help You Avoid Legal Burnout

As legal professionals, constant stress is often a part of the job. If we don’t effectively manage chronic stress, however, it has the potential to cripple our productivity levels and make it physically, mentally, and emotionally impossible to effectively advocate for our clients and ourselves. Further, we run the risk of running afoul of the […]

How to Have Hard Conversations with Clients & Co-workers- Part 1

Challenging conversations are an inevitable part of our work – both with clients and with our legal aid co-workers. The extraordinarily stressful life circumstances many clients face, disagreements about case strategy and service delivery, and other challenging factors can lead to adversarial conversations. This training will offer strategies for navigating difficult conversations, including discussion of […]

Impaired Colleague? Addressing Attorney Competency, the Warning Signs, and Getting Help

This program will provide information on identifying and detecting substance use and mental health issues among attorneys, an attorney’s duties regarding an impaired colleague, how to discuss possible impairment issues with a colleague, developing a self-care plan and wellness strategies, and knowing where to find help, including the Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) and other resources. […]