Headshot of Jora Trang

Jora Trang, Board Chair

The legal aid community plays a critical role in contributing to and building a Race Equity Culture that is focused on a proactive counteraction of race inequities and structural racism. I serve on the LAAC Board because I am passionate about ensuring that legal aid organizations have the capacity to engage in race equity work in solidarity with each other. This includes strengthening their own inclusivity, representation, and internal race equity culture while engaging in solidarity work in these efforts.

Kate Marr, Vice-Chair
Community Legal Aid SoCal

“I serve on the LAAC Board because I value LAAC’s critical role in training the next generation of legal service attorneys that advocate on our behalf at the state legislature.”

Headshot of Pablo Ramirez

Pablo Ramirez, Treasurer
Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino

“I serve on the LAAC Board because I want to invest in my community, believe change is possible, and I am passionate about helping and legal aid work.”

Headshot of Nicole Perez

Nicole Perez, Secretary
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

“LAAC is the bedrock for California’s legal services; it spearheads critical funding, leads innovative advocacy trainings, and is moving the needle forward on racial justice in civil legal aid. As a lifelong legal aid attorney, I am proud to serve on the LAAC board and amplify our shared mission to promote diversity and inclusion in legal services, while strengthening legal aid’s capacity to serve our low-income neighbors facing legal crises.”

Amanda Alvarado Ford
La Raza Centro Legal

“All Californians deserve quality legal representation that is accessible to them, regardless of their income level.  LAAC leads the effort to secure more funding, so the valuable work of California’s nonprofit legal aid offices may expand, to try to better address the needs within our state.  I am honored to serve as a LAAC Board member since LAAC helps ensure that people have access to excellent legal services, especially vulnerable state residents such as senior citizens, immigrant youth and families, first-generation young people, and communities of color.”

Alexis Alvarez
Legal Aid at Work

“I serve on the LAAC Board to actively further LAAC’s commitment to ensuring equal access to justice for low-income Californians by providing critical support to California’s legal nonprofits. Whether it is fighting for funding, providing training, or enabling statewide collaboration, LAAC is tireless in its advocacy on behalf of California’s legal services organizations, and I am honored to be a part of that work.”

Martina Cucullu Lim
Eviction Defense Collaborative

“I serve on the LAAC Board of Directors because I am passionate about public interest work, and I share LAAC’s commitment to racial justice and DEI. LAAC’s proximity to the California legislature strongly positions it to advocate for policy initiatives that can remove system barriers to the non-profit legal profession.”

Charlie Gillig
Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County

“I serve on the LAAC Board because I have seen first-hand the impact of LAAC’s work on the legal aid community and I want to do everything I can to further its critical mission. We need organizations like LAAC more than ever to address the current access to justice crisis in California.”

Headshot of Michael Godbe

Michael Godbe
California Indian Legal Services

“It’s simple but we still need reminding: finding justice in our legal system should not only be experienced by those with means. Civil legal aid is a necessary and invaluable safety net for low-income and marginalized communities, and LAAC supports the advocates whom keep people from falling – and hold the net when they do. I’m honored and proud to serve on the LAAC Board because I have seen and believe in the value of legal aid.”

Headshot of Jenni Gomez

Jenni Gomez
Legal Services of Northern California

“I serve on the LAAC board because I am passionate about legal aid work, and LAAC consistently supports, empowers and trains my public interest colleagues to be zealous, client-centered advocates for our communities.”

Headshot of Kim Kruckel

Kim Kruckel
Child Care Law Center

“I am honored to be on LAAC’s board. Our whole society benefits when every individual can work, live and raise their family with dignity. By protecting and expanding our legal aid services, LAAC is making a difference.”

Headshot of Nick Levenhagen

Nick Levenhagen, Immediate Past Chair
Disability Rights California

“I am a donor and board member of LAAC because of the critical role LAAC plays in supporting and funding legal services for vulnerable populations throughout California.”

Adam Murray
Inner City Law Center

“I serve on the LAAC Board of Directors because of LAAC’s deep and longstanding commitment to supporting the lawyers who are fighting to end poverty in California.”

Harpreet Singh
Central California Legal Services

“I serve on the LAAC Board of Directors because of LAAC’s deep and longstanding I serve on the LAAC Board to help the legal aid community in California to spread their wings and help needy residents of California state as much as possible. The service on LAAC Board provides me the opportunity to advocate for more government funding for legal aid organizations to help in access to justice issues. Also, I get to be part of this group with great legal minds who are working hard to bring legal power to people.”

Headshot of Yeison Soto Valdez

Yeison Soto Valdez
Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice

“I serve on the LAAC Board to ensure that legal services nonprofits continue to have access to the tools, trainings, and support that they need in order to provide quality legal services to low income Californians. Today, low income Californians are more vulnerable than ever and we must ensure that legal services nonprofits are properly equipped to serve those who otherwise would not have access to justice.”

Headshot of Marcus Tang

Marcus Tang
California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation

“I serve on the LAAC Board because LAAC is a strong champion for legal aid programs that ensure our most vulnerable populations have access to justice. I love learning about the incredible advocacy and work being done by legal aid programs throughout California, and am proud of LAAC’s critical role in supporting and advocating for the legal aid community.”

Headshot of Elica Vafaie

Elica Vafaie
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights

“I serve on the LAAC board because I believe in the important role they play to coordinate and strengthen legal aid across California, which is critically needed to collectively dismantle systems of oppression and build a more just and equitable society.”