Top row from left: Jenni Gomez, Nick Levenhagen, Jessica Redditt, Marcus Tang, Creighton Mendivil, Amy Fitzpatrick, Connie Chu, and Executive Director Salena Copeland; Bottom row from left: Victoria Snyder, Board Chair – Lauren Hansen, Deborah Thrope, Hilary Armstrong; Not pictured: Nancy Bigelow, Denny Chan, Kellie Morgantini, Sarah Reisman, Jimena Vasquez


Lauren Hansen, Board Chair 
Public Interest Law Project

“I serve on the LAAC Board to ensure that all legal aid programs have the resources they need to help the most vulnerable residents of California. Low-income people experiencing legal problems are in desperate need of quality legal representation, and LAAC plays a critical role in making sure that those  resources are available.”





Hilary Armstrong, Vice-Chair
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

“I serve on the board because LAAC is the ultimate champion for legal services in California, bringing our community together to help address the justice gap and ensuring that legal services lawyers have the tools we need to get the job done.”




Sarah Reisman, Secretary
Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice

“I serve on the LAAC Board because I learn about the amazing work being done by legal not for profit organizations around the state. And because it’s the best way to support and advocate for our collective interests.”





Nancy Muñoz Bigelow, Treasurer
Inland Counties Legal Services


Denny Chan
Justice in Aging

“I serve proudly on the LAAC board during this time when the marginalized and poor’s access to legal aid is under threat, and I look forward to working with my fellow board members to promote access to quality legal services for all low income Californians in a state as diverse as ours.”





Connie Chu

Disability Rights California

“I serve on the LAAC board because I believe in the work LAAC does to grow and support the larger legal aid community, and to advocate for all of us in legal services.”






Amy Fitzpatrick
San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc.

“I serve on LAAC’s Board of Directors because LAAC is a vitally important component of the non-profit legal services network in California, and significant work gets done at the organization. LAAC works on state-wide issues that individual legal services organizations generally do not have the time or resources to address. LAAC staff have the insight, the connections, and the expertise to strongly represent the interests of its members, and because of them all Californians benefit from their work. It is gratifying to work with such an effective team of passionate advocates.”





Jenni Gomez
Legal Services of Northern California

“I serve on the LAAC board because I am passionate about legal aid work, and LAAC consistently supports, empowers and trains my public interest colleagues to be zealous, client-centered advocates for our communities.”






Tashara Kuspa
Central California Legal Services

LAAC identifies a need in the legal aid community of California, and it takes steps to meet that need—whether through advocacy, training, or education. LAAC provides members of the public with self-help legal information and identifies locations where people can go to obtain further help.  LAAC facilitates collaborations between non-profit legal aid organizations, and develops programs specific to its member organizations to help each organization reach its full potential. There are so many reasons why I am proud to be a member of LAAC’s board of directors. Mostly, I am just thankful for an opportunity to give back to an organization wholly focused on giving to and strengthening others in need.”






Nick Levenhagen
Bet Tzedek Legal Services

“I am a donor and board member of LAAC because of the critical role LAAC plays in supporting and funding legal services for vulnerable populations throughout California, ensuring the low-income seniors and Holocaust survivors that I represent at Bet Tzedek have access to housing, medical care, and other basic needs, while being protected from discrimination and abuse.”






Kate Marr
Legal Aid Society of Orange County

“I serve on the LAAC Board because I value LAAC’s critical role in training the next generation of legal service attorneys that advocate on our behalf at the state legislature.”







Creighton Mendivil
Senior Citizens Legal Services

“I serve on the LAAC Board of Directors because I believe in the mission of LAAC. I serve to help continue the great work LAAC does in enhancing the fantastic services provided by the California legal aid organizations. LAAC improves the legal aid organizations helping Californian’s in need.”






Kellie Morgantini
Legal Services for Seniors










Jessica Redditt
Bay Area Legal Aid

“I serve on the LAAC Board because as a legal aid attorney, I also feel responsible for preserving and increasing access to legal aid services. I am also dedicated to increasing representation of diverse attorneys in the legal aid community.”






Gerson Sorto
Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County

“LAAC is such a fierce advocate for ensuring that the most vulnerable Californians have access to what are often life-sustaining legal services. As a legal services attorney, I had grown accustomed to receiving so much benefit and support from LAAC. When presented with the opportunity to to join the Board and for once to be of service to LAAC, I could not pass it up. I serve on the LAAC Board to help further increase its reach at a time when Legal Aid needs it the most.”






Victoria Snyder
Contra Costa Senior Legal Services

“I serve on the LAAC Board because I believe in the mission of LAAC and love feeling connected to the greater legal aid community and being a part of strengthening that community.”







Marcus Tang
California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation

“I serve on the LAAC Board because LAAC is a strong champion for legal aid programs that ensure our most vulnerable populations have access to justice. I love learning about the incredible advocacy and work being done by legal aid programs throughout California, and am proud of LAAC’s critical role in supporting and advocating for the legal aid community.”






Deborah Thrope
National Housing Law Project

“I am proud to serve on the Board of LAAC, an organization that provides critical support to the legal services community in California. Though small, LAAC is a powerful force in Sacramento, giving a voice to legal aid attorneys and the low-income families they serve.”






Keith Wurster
Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights