LAAC sponsors trainings and meetings online and throughout the state, bringing the experts to you.

Upcoming Trainings
All our current training series and conferences are described here. You can click on each title to register.

Archived Online Trainings
Launched in November 2006, LAAC’s online trainings focus on housing, consumer, family law, and other legal concerns that pertain to our member programs. These series of free, high-quality MCLE trainings over the lunch hour uses online meeting and conference call technology that advocates can access without requiring any travel time or expense. We currently have series in senior legal issues, housing law, family law, consumer law, and other substantive issues based on member feedback. You can watch these recorded webinars for self-study MCLE credit by completing this form. If you would like to support LAAC’s videos and keep this service free for the community, please donate!

In-Person Trainings
The Directors of Litigation and Advocacy meeting, Support Center meeting, Family Law Conference, Traveling Training, Senior Legal Services Provider meeting, and Pathways to Justice are all sponsored by LAAC. These meetings take place, depending on the year, in different parts of California to allow everyone to access excellent quality trainings at an affordable price.

Wellness Summits
Maintaining your health is perhaps more challenging than ever, especially with a demanding career in today’s dynamic world. This page gives you access to all of our Wellness Summits and is an archive of LAAC events designed to promote self-care, balance, and well-being for professionals in the legal community. Our goal is to provide you with tools and resources that allow you to thrive both personally and professionally.

Accommodation Practice
LAAC strives to make all our online trainings accessible for all advocates. This page outlines our internal practice as a recommendation for other organizations that provide trainings via webinar.