The Homeless Assistance and Housing Support Programs

The Homeless Assistance and Housing Support Programs provide housing assistance, including financial support, to CalWORKs families experiencing or at risk of homelessness. These programs can offer financial assistance, housing navigation, case management, and credit repair. Watch to learn more about how to access and navigate these essential programs! Presented by Palmer Buchholz of The Public […]

Responding to Bias in the Courtroom

This live presentation will discuss how to respond to biased comments from the bench, coaching self-represented litigants who may hear biased comments, and how to make complaints following bias. The presentation will discuss recognizing and responding to bias in the courtroom. This webinar will be eligible for 1 hour of Recognition and Elimination of Bias […]

California’s Housing Disability Advocacy Program

The Housing Disability Advocacy Program assists individuals who are likely eligible for disability benefits and experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness with applying for disability benefit programs and provides housing assistance to help clients find safe and decent housing that is affordable and sustainable. HDAP offers benefit advocacy, housing assistance, outreach, and case management. Join […]

Working Effectively with Clients with Challenging Behaviors

This training is designed for public interest attorneys who work with low-income clients, including clients with mental health disabilities, who may present with challenging behaviors. To provide effective representation, an advocate needs to respond to these challenges by building trust with their client, providing reasonable accommodations when necessary, and setting professional boundaries. The training will […]

Difficult Conversations in Legal Aid: Caring for Clients and Caring for Self

This training will provide examples of how to engage with clients in a legal aid setting that is both trauma-informed and sustainable. Within this framework, the following objectives will be highlighted: (a) how to prepare to work with clients seeking legal aid, (b) tools for having difficult conversations, (c) personal and professional sustainability practices in […]

Trauma-Informed Legal Aid: A Shift in Professional Culture and Education

This training was developed for public interest attorneys who are looking for practical ways to influence and enact a plan that shifts traditional legal aid models to ones centered on trauma-informed practices. Objectives reviewed within this framework will include: (a) how professional culture influences practice and trends in legal aid, (b) strategies for adapting practices […]

Organizational Support for Trauma Informed Care in Legal Aid

Organizational Support for Trauma-Informed Care in Legal Aid Description This training will provide an overview of the essential elements of a trauma-informed organization. In addition, the following objectives will be highlighted: a) the importance of organizational assessment in order to identify strengths and needed areas of growth b) evaluating the results and creating a pathway […]

Litigating Your Restraining Order Case Part II: DVRO Renewals

This webinar takes you through the basic steps of litigating a renewal in a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) case, starting with an overview of applicable legal standards. We discuss timing your filing; preparing your paperwork; service, including alternate service options; preparing for and presenting your case at trial, including evidence considerations; and post-representation issues. […]