Director / Senior Attorney / Senior Program Manager

OneJustice seeks a director or senior staff member to join its Healthy Nonprofits Program. Salary and title will depend on level of experience. This position will provide expertise, support and leadership in the area of capacity-building for nonprofit legal services providers. OneJustice offers training, resources, coaching, and consulting to the boards and staff of legal services nonprofits and pro bono projects.

Equity Attorney or Policy Advocate

Justice in Aging seeks an attorney or policy advocate with at least 3 years of experience with a strong commitment to advancing equity for low-income older adults. This individual will join our Equity Team to pursue systemic change in law and policy to improve the lives of low-income older adults who experience inequities rooted in historical, persistent, and structural racism, ageism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and xenophobia.

Supervising Attorney (Bilingual Spanish)

The Supervising Attorney will be the project coordinator for DRC’s Fair Hearing Project. Project staff will provide representation at administrative hearing for mono-lingual Spanish speaking regional center consumers. The Fair Hearing Project will be limited to service denials that will result in serious harm to the client.

Staff Attorney 1 (Bilingual Spanish)

The Staff Attorney will work in DRC’s Fair Hearing Project (FHP).  Project staff will provide representation at administrative hearings for monolingual Spanish-speaking regional center consumers. The Fair Hearing Project will be limited to service denials that will result in serious harm to the client.

Litigation Counsel

Litigation Counsel plays a significant role in shaping our litigation and advocacy vision, including working with the team to develop legal, policy, and other systems change advocacy initiatives to improve the lives of intellectually and developmentally disabled Californians. The Litigation Counsel also helps to ensure the excellence of the Practice Group’s legal work by providing leadership, mentorship, and supervision to Practice Group attorneys on all advocacy efforts, including state and federal court litigation.

Senior Attorney, Youth Practice Group

The Senior Attorney in the Youth Practice Group plays a leading role in individual and systemic advocacy to enforce and expand the rights of children and youth with disabilities.  The Senior Attorney works under the direct supervision of the Managing Attorney and in collaboration with other Disability Rights California attorneys and advocates in their legal, advocacy, and outreach efforts.

Supervising Advocate Specialist

The Supervising Advocate Specialist (SAS) is responsible for providing supervision of state hospital sites and/or programs. This includes managing the complaint process, site visits and overall advocacy service delivery at a DSH site: Patton State Hospital/Metro State Hospital (So Cal) or Coalinga State Hospital. It also includes oversight and implementation of specialty programs such as Enhanced Treatment Program and involuntary medication hearings.