Wellness Summits

Maintaining your health is perhaps more challenging than ever, especially with a demanding career in today’s dynamic world. This page gives you access to all of our Wellness Summits and is an archive of LAAC events designed to promote self-care, balance, and well-being for professionals in the legal community. Our goal is to provide you with tools and resources that allow you to thrive both personally and professionally. We hope you will take advantage of these various wellness events, including restorative workshops, movement, mindfulness, and more.

Is there a wellness event you want to see? Feel free to contact our LAAC Trainings@LAACOnline.org.

Presenters: Nicole Gervacio

LAAC is partnering with Radically Fit to bring our community an opportunity for mindful movement! Based in Oakland, CA, Radically Fit is the Bay Area’s radical community gym rooted in fat liberation & joyful movement for all queer, trans, Black, and brown folks and their allies, regardless of experience, size, or ability.

Radically Fit was built to serve the LGBTQ2S and BIPOC community by offering an inclusive, fat-positive space for anyone to workout and build strong relationships.

In this session, we will ground in our breath and body awareness as we move through a deep warm-up. As the energy picks up we’ll shift into guided movement, simple choreography, and challenging prompts with space to integrate your style and expression. We’ll end with a cool down & stretch.

You can expect a spectrum of experiences, from aggressive, sharp, and energetic, to soft, slow, and grounded. Dancers will always be encouraged to listen to their bodies, take up space, integrate themselves, their style, and to let go.

We hope you can join us for some movement guided by Nicole Gervacio.

*No equipment required*


Presenters: Kimberly Irish Heinonen and Ariella Morrison

In this interactive workshop participants will be invited to practice engaging in challenging conversations in a non-judgmental, supportive, and confidential space. This workshop will start with a refresher on strategies for navigating hard conversations with clients and colleagues. Participants will leave with greater confidence to effectively communicate with candor and compassion.

This training is not for MCLE credit but is a continuation of LAAC’s wellness series. Due to the interactive nature of this training, we have only included the beginning of the recording for review. All breakout rooms and discussion at the end were omitted from this recording to ensure participant privacy.

Additional Materials

Presenters: Kirsten Rogers

Black to Yoga is an in-person and online yoga movement and wellness collective. Black to Yoga exists to bring the transformational power of yoga to Black people of the Afrikan Diaspora. We seek to develop a deeper representation of Black yogis within the larger yoga community, both as teachers as well as students. We envision a world where Black people-everywhere-have access to this life-enriching practice. Join us as we engage in a one-hour virtual event consisting of yoga and mindfulness in partnership with Black to Yoga.

Active Rest and Mindfulness (December 2022)

Presenters: Amy Goldman and Sarah Reisman



We’ve been learning about the dangers of long-term stress, burnout, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. We’ve probably also learned that we need to take care of ourselves and focus on recovery. But what does that mean and how do we do it? This interactive training will explore some of the science around recovery and offer practical tips and tools for integrating restorative activities into your daily life.

Additional Materials

Presenters: Talia Sharpp

Explore how restorative practices can transform your workplace! Restorative practices come from the philosophy of restorative justice and support us with strategies to prevent conflict through community building. Restorative workplaces require intentional crafting and interpersonal skills to enable constructive engagement and healthy learning in the face of conflict and differences. Join SEEDS to learn practical tools that will help you build more restorative workplaces! Due to the nature of the event, this session will not be fully recorded.

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Lawyering and Mental Health (October 2022)

Presenters: Sylvia Gribbell

LAAC is bringing back Wellness Summits, and we are kicking them off with a presentation from Sylvia Gribbell, LCSW, on strategies for caring for ourselves as lawyers. This session will be an opportunity to engage in some breath work exercises and learn a bit more about how our work affects us and how to navigate those nuances while still caring for ourselves.

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LAAC’s wellness summits are designed to bring content to our community that allows for emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental systems of wellness to be more equitable and meaningful for everyone. As we continue to learn how to navigate the nuances of ever-developing workplace culture, it is integral that we take care of ourselves as best we can. Because we know this can be overwhelming at times, LAAC is committed to bringing wellness to its members and the greater community in an effort to support each other and include diverse perspectives in our practice of mindfulness and more.

We do our best to record our wellness summits for those unable to attend, but at times, there may be summits that will not be recorded due to the nature of the session and presenter requests. If you have an interest in presenting at a summit or have an idea for one, please reach out to Trainings@LAACOnline.org. Wellness summits are scheduled to take place on the first Wednesday of every month but are subject to change pending presenter schedules and special events.