Trainings From: La Raza Centro Legal

La Raza Centro Legal is a community-based legal organization dedicated to empowering Latino, immigrant and low-income communities of San Francisco to advocate for their civil and human rights. La Raza Centro Legal provides assistance to low-income, immigrant and Spanish-speaking residents of San Francisco and San Mateo counties who are seeking naturalization and legal status or who are victims of workplace or home raids. They operate the San Francisco Day Labor Program, Women’s Collective of the Day Labor Program, and FairCare: Coalition for Fair and Caring Schools. La Raza Centro Legal’s Workers’ Rights Program focuses on protecting the rights of low-wage and immigrant workers, including day laborers, domestic workers and restaurant workers LRCL’s Senior Law Program works to protect the public benefits of elderly and disabled individuals, defend against illegal evictions, protect victims of abuse, and protect against consumer fraud. LRCL’s Housing Law Program is dedicated to defend low income tenants against eviction. LCRL advocates for low income Latina immigrant women and issues such as work raids targeting undocumented immigrants. LRCL works with law firms to provide MCLEs on issues cases with the goal of receiving pro bono support. Born out of the civil rights and Chicano movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Centro Legal was founded in 1973 by Latino law students to fill a gap in the availability of economically and culturally accessible legal services for the Bay Area’s Latino population.