Trainings From: Elder Law & Advocacy

Elder Law & Advocacy is a caring group of experienced elder law staff and trained volunteers who serve over 8,000 seniors annually in both San Diego and Imperial Counties. Elder Law & Advocacy provides free and low-cost civil legal services, Medicare and Medicare-related counseling and advocacy, referrals to community senior services providers, and community education. The majority of services are offered at no-cost to qualifying seniors. Elder Law & Advocacy is the only legal services and Medicare counseling agency in the Southern California region which devotes all of its resources to helping both rural and urban seniors through a unique, community-based delivery system. Elder Law & Advocacy’s attorneys, staff and volunteers travel all over the region to assist seniors, going to senior centers, nutrition sites, senior living complexes, mobile home parks, nursing homes, hospitals, and the residences of ill, homebound individuals. Vision – To enhance the quality of life for persons 60 years of age and older. Mission – Seniors are a growing and vital segment of our community. Elder Law & Advocacy seeks to protect seniors by providing legal advice and advocacy. The organization serves seniors by helping them to defend their legal rights and preserve their respected place in the community.