Bet Tzedek provides free, comprehensive legal services for low-income individuals and families in Los Angeles.
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Primary geographic focus: Southern California, Southwestern California
Organization Type: Provider
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Lists: IOLTA-Funded, IOLTA Field Programs
Tags: Community Outreach: Health Care, Employment, Health Care, Housing: Eviction, Housing: Foreclosure, Housing: Landlord-Tenant, Seniors

For the past 40 years, Bet Tzedek has provided free, comprehensive legal services for low-income individuals and families in Los Angeles, proving that access to justice makes a difference in people’s lives. It is the difference between having a home and living on the streets, between getting paid or having to go hungry, between access to medical care and supportive services or suffering.

From humble beginnings as a small group of volunteer attorneys helping Holocaust survivors facing gentrification in the Fairfax District, Bet Tzedek has grown into a public interest law firm with a footprint across Los Angeles County and beyond, with practice area expertise in Elder/Caregiver Law, Employment Rights, Guardianships, Human Trafficking, Health, Holocaust Reparations, Housing, Public Benefits and more.

Our staff seeks innovative solutions to persistent poverty. Whether harnessing the power of technology to overcome barriers or mobilizing communities through collaborative partnerships, we seek to empower the more than 20,000 people we serve every year with the help of hundreds of pro bono attorneys and volunteers.

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News Story

Lawsuits filed against L.A. County, lenders over green energy program

Andrew Khouri
Los Angeles Times (LA Times)
April 12, 2018
Public Counsel and Bet Tzedek have filed a lawsuit to protect homeowners in Los Angeles from predatory lending by a L.A. county program that funds solar panels and other energy-efficient home improvement projects.

Press Release

$7.4 Million Awarded to 17 Legal Nonprofit Organizations to Provide Free Legal Representation

California Community Foundation
November 27, 2017
$7.4 Million Awarded to 17 Legal Nonprofit Organizations to Provide Free Legal Representation

News Story

What the Poor Really Need Is Legal Aid

Susan Beck
June 24, 2016
Pro bono work is widely acknowledged as an insufficient way of handling the varying legal needs of a large and diverse indigent community. What the community really needs is legal aid.

News Story

Big legal guns to take up the fight against L.A.s housemates from hell

Hillel Aron
LA Weekly
April 30, 2015
Bet Tzedek, in collaboration with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, is helping some parties defend against the prolific litigants Gennady and Zina Dolzhenko.

News Story

Should lawyers be held accountable when clients sue just to punish whistleblowers?

Chris Morran
April 2, 2015
LAAC lends its support to an appeal of a decision that may threaten the ability of LAAC’s members to serve their clients effectively.


Racial Justice for Workers During COVID: Ensuring Greater Equity During Tough Times

Jun 8, 2021
MCLE: 1 hour (Elimination of Bias)

Social Work Practices in California Legal Aid Organizations

Aug 26, 2021
MCLE: 0 hours

Post-Dobbs Legal Protections for LGBTQ Clients

Sep 23, 2022


Elder Financial Exploitation: Real Estate Fraud Litigation

Jan 11, 2018
This webinar will discuss litigation strategies for assisting seniors who are defrauded of the equity in their home, including the loss of title through forgery or fraud, or the loss of equity and risk of foreclosure due to predatory lending and other scams.
MCLE: 1 hour

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program Abuse and the Impact on Seniors

Jun 29, 2017
This webinar will describe the PACE program, the laws and rules governing the program, as well as the ways in which the current absence of consumer protections and PACE program and financing practices harm low-income Californians, particularly older Californians.
MCLE: 1 hour

Legal and Financial Planning for Long Term Care

Oct 4, 2013
Intended for caregivers who assist their relatives. Covers planning for caregiving, legal/financial decision-making, medical decision-making, and incapacity.
MCLE: 1 hour

Elder Justice in Family Law

Jun 11, 2014
A training on EAROs will assist public interests attorneys, self-help attorneys, and judicial officers protect and advocate for elderly and dependent adults.
MCLE: 1.5 hours

Nuts and Bolts of Limited Conservatorships

Aug 8, 2014
Covers the basics of Limited Conservatorships including its benefits, how to file one, as well as some of the challenges.
MCLE: 1.5 hours

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