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A Big Test for Janet Yellen: Stop the OneWest-CIT Merger

Peter Dreier
Huffington Post
June 19, 2015
Community and legal aid groups ask Janet Yellen to halt a takeover of Pasadena-based OneWest Bank due to reckless lending practices and improper use of government subsidies.

News Story

Law schools fund firms to train recent graduates

Sudhin Thanawala
Huffington Post
June 15, 2015


Ending the Racial Caste System Through Reentry Reform

Dorsey Nunn, Meredith Desautels
Huffington Post
September 29, 2015
California legal aid leaders identify reformation of the treatment of formerly incarcerated individuals as necessary to end discrimination and recidivism.


Presidential Memorandum Draws Link Between Civil Legal Aid and Social Conditions of Health

Ellen Lawton, Joel Teitelbaum
Huffington Post
December 2, 2015
Presidential Memorandum draws connection between access to civil legal aid and the health of individuals and communities.

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