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We are an online portal for the city of Santa Monica. We publish the Santa Monica Lookout and have issued a compilation of Frank Gruber’s columns. Reach us by phone, email or post (see contact us).

We were started by veteran journalists in March 1999 in Santa Monica, California in order to offer objective news and information to the city’s residents, workers and visitors. See our archive!

Over the years, The Lookout News has mentored journalists starting in the field.

Our senior reporters see the importance of training new reporters to research, investigate, report, fact check and source news stories.

We feel it is extremely important for news to be factual, objective and verifiable.


News Story

Drivers License Bill Passes State Assembly Panel

Santa Monica Lookout
June 21, 2016
SB 881 stops the automatic suspension of driver’s licenses for low-income people with minor traffic offenses who fail to appear in court or to pay initial fines that snowball into huge financial burdens.

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