Established in 1973 by the Burton Act to be an advocate in the state on behalf of older individuals.
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Primary geographic focus: California Statewide
Organization Type: Government
LAAC Membership Type: Non Members
Tags: Seniors
Acronym or short name: CCoA

The California Commission on Aging (CCoA) was established in 1973 by the Burton Act. It was confirmed in the original Older Californians Act of 1980 and reconfirmed in the Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act of 1996. It is comprised of 25 commissioners; 19 appointed by the Governor, 3 appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly, and 3 by the Senate Rules Committee. All Commissioners serve three year terms as volunteers.

The Commission serves as “the principal advocate in the state on behalf of older individuals, including, but not limited to, advisory participation in the consideration of all legislation and regulations made by state and federal departments and agencies relating to programs and services that affect older individuals.” As such it is the principal advisory body to the Governor, State Legislature, and State, Federal and local departments and agencies on issues affecting older individuals in order to ensure a quality of life for older Californians so they may live with dignity in their chosen environment.

California Commission on Aging (CCoA)


CCOA, CEJC and LAAC: New Opportunities to Serve Elderly Victims of Abuse: A Webinar on Victim Assistance in California

Jan 19, 2016
This training reviews new and expanded grants through Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Assistance grant funds.
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