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EdSource’s programs and services include the following:

  • Timely daily reports on key education challenges produced by EdSource Today. Primary areas of coverage include the Common Core, college and career readiness, California education policy reforms, early education, expanded learning initiatives and student wellness.
  • Comprehensive reports on California’s most important public education policy issues and a variety of shorter briefs and guides related to preK-12 education.
  • Representative public opinion surveys on major education issues such as early childhood education, parent engagement, and school discipline.
  • An annual symposium on California education policy open to the public and held each spring in Northern or Southern California.
  • The Education Data Partnership, which offers data on schools, districts and state level issues in a user-friendly form.
  • Presentations at statewide or national meetings, including serving as an impartial convener of advisory groups such as The Educators Network for Effective School Discipline.
  • Convening statewide conversations on key education policies, such as The Educators Network for Effective School Discipline.
  • Consulting services to other agencies and organizations.


News Story

Suit claims LA Unified underfunding low-income kids, English learners

John Fensterwald
July 1, 2015
Public Advocates and the ACLU sue L.A. unified for counting some special education programs as LCFF-funded services for English learners, low-income children, and foster youth.

News Story

Federal government urges K-12 schools to comply with Title IX

Jane Meredith Adams
April 26, 2015
The U.S. Department of Education published new guidance targeted at school districts, emphasizing the need for equal access to services.

Investigative , News Story

Little oversight of restraint practices in special education

Jane Meredith Adams, John C. Osborn
April 19, 2015
EdSource Today's investigative report into a "behavioral emergency" system found a consistent increase in the use of this type of discipline against students with disabilities.

News Story

Report: State not tracking mental health services for special ed students

April 18, 2016
The California Department of Education's lack of accountability impacts hundreds of thousands of students who are not getting the mental health care they need, resulting in distress, poor academic performance and in some cases, referrals into the juvenile justice system.

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