Frontiers Media

Tthe voice of the LGBT community for over 34 years. Founded in 1982. Based in Los Angeles.
Primary geographic focus: Southern California, Southwestern California
Organization Type: Media

Frontiers Media is the 21st century’s LGBT media company, spanning digital, mobile, print and web television. With the authority that comes from being a first to market in gay publishing 34 years ago and incredible access to the entertainment industry, we serve this sophisticated, influential and nuanced audience like no company has before. Founded in 1982 as a resource for the gay community during the early days of the AIDS epidemic, Frontiers helped give a face to the emerging gay culture of the time and promoted cityhood for West Hollywood. Today the magazine puts a spotlight on issues important to the LGBT community at large and continues to be a guiding voice, reflecting the trends and lifestyles of its Southern California readers.

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