LAAC Members may receive discounts on certain third-party services, such as the following.


Discounts for all staff members


Discount on telephone language interpretation through Voiance. Voiance provides on-demand, over-the-phone, live translators for all your language translation needs. There are hundreds of languages available, with translators at hand 24 hours a day. The currently negotiated LAAC rate with Voiance is $1.35/minute, a significant discount compared to similar companies that charge almost $4/minute.


Member programs may participate in a negotiated agreement for Westlaw services. Programs taking advantage of this benefit have received discount rates of nearly 60 percent. Contact us at to learn more about the Westlaw group agreement.

Essential Forms

Essential Forms is a Judicial Council Forms program that makes it significantly easier to fill out and manage legal forms, and includes biannual updates of the Judicial Council forms, as well as timely updates of all Local County forms. Essential Publishers’ Essential Forms allows you to work on multiple forms at once, with features that help you format your Judicial Council forms, and provides free technical support to subscribers. If you are interested in joining LAAC’s Essential Forms plan, please contact us at


LAAC now offers a discount for both new and current users of Pika case management systems. Current users will receive a 10 percent discount on yearly support renewals. New users, or those looking to upgrade, will receive a 20 percent discount. For more information on Pika, visit To learn more about the discount, contact us at, or contact Pika sales at (888) 321-7452 x 0, and mention that your organization is a LAAC member program.

Lexis Advance®

Member programs are eligible for a discount of $79/user for Lexis Advance® -the 2013 SIIA CODiE Award winner. Please contact us at to learn more.

Capitol Seminars

Drawing on Ray LeBov’s 43 years of experience working in and around the Capitol, our seminars offer you the most concentrated, comprehensive and cost-effective way to learn the practical, real-world applications of lobbying in California.  LAAC members are eligible for 50% discounts on trainings with Capitol Seminars.

**Note: LAAC does not provide membership discounts not directly related to the provision of legal services. For information on human resources, insurance, or other similar discounts, we recommend contacting the California Association of Nonprofits, the California Chamber of Commerce, CalChoice, or the Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California, for information on other services valuable to nonprofits.