Difficult Conversations in Legal Aid: Caring for Clients and Caring for Self

This training will provide examples of how to engage with clients in a legal aid setting that is both trauma-informed and sustainable. Within this framework, the following objectives will be highlighted: (a) how to prepare to work with clients seeking legal aid, (b) tools for having difficult conversations, (c) personal and professional sustainability practices in […]

Trauma-Informed Legal Aid: A Shift in Professional Culture and Education

This training was developed for public interest attorneys who are looking for practical ways to influence and enact a plan that shifts traditional legal aid models to ones centered on trauma-informed practices. Objectives reviewed within this framework will include: (a) how professional culture influences practice and trends in legal aid, (b) strategies for adapting practices […]

Organizational Support for Trauma Informed Care in Legal Aid

Organizational Support for Trauma-Informed Care in Legal Aid Description This training will provide an overview of the essential elements of a trauma-informed organization. In addition, the following objectives will be highlighted: a) the importance of organizational assessment in order to identify strengths and needed areas of growth b) evaluating the results and creating a pathway […]