Unlawful Detainers A-Z: Basics of UDs

This training session will be an overview of the basics of unlawful detainers. It is designed to help you assist litigants engaged in the unlawful detainer process and how to identify potential issues. Presenter: Joshua J. Johnson, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Lawyer Competence and Communication in Our Diverse World

Our society, and our client communities, are becoming more culturally and language diverse. This program will look at the ethical issues that this presents for lawyers and legal services programs. We will discuss requirements of competence, communication, confidentiality and supervision, among others.   Presenters: Toby Rothschild (he/him)  

Ageism, Equity, and Law and Policy

The webinar will look at important topics for legal aid advocates serving older adults. Due to systemic injustices and life-long discrimination, certain groups of older adults, especially those facing structural barriers and historical discrimination, experience in accessing the care they need and suffer from poorer health outcomes as a result. We are also seeing a […]

Accessible Design and Usability Testing

This webinar will discuss the basics of accessible design and usability testing, including what it is and how you can use it in your organization for everything from communications to publications. If you’re interested in improving your interactions, this is the training for you.   Presenters: Alison Corn (she/her)