LAAC has several listservs and groups you can join to share resources and coordinate with California’s legal services community.

There are also some great listservs run by other organizations where our community is active.

LAAC listservs and groups

Directors of Litigation and Advocacy

The Directors of Litigation and Advocacy (DoLA) listserv is used for sharing substantive legal information, continuing discussions from the in-person meetings, and coordinating statewide responses to recent developments and legislative issues.

Contact Linda at to join.

Support Centers

The Support Centers listserv facilitates coordination between support centers and fosters open interchange of ideas, sharing of concerns, and development of strategies to strengthen the delivery of legal aid in California.

Contact Linda at to join.

Family Law

The Family Law listserv allows advocates throughout the state to share issues of common concern, advocacy points, and questions about cases and case strategy. To join this listserv, you must work at a LAAC member organization.

Contact Linda at to join.


CA Legal Aid Technology Group

This group is designed so that staff at California Legal Aid organizations can communicate with staff at other organizations who are responsible for technology upkeep or decision-making regarding best practices, referrals for developers or other experts, troubleshooting problems, collaboration on regional or statewide projects, emerging technologies and issues, and more.

Visit the CALATG Google group page to join.

CA Legal Aid Policy Advocates

This group serves as a community space where policy advocates at legal aid organizations can connect and support each other’s work. Advocates use the group to seek support on legislative efforts, to share helpful information and intel, to seek strategic advice, and to collaborate on policy advocacy projects. This group is only for those who serve in a policy advocacy role within their legal aid organization and it not open to the broader community.
Contact Lorin at to join.

Additional listservs

California Language Access Group

This group is a way for legal aid advocates to share information about language access issues in California, including the development, monitoring, and implementation of the state’s Language Access Plan.

Contact Joann at to join.

Bay Area Development

This listserv is a project of OneJustice and is for Development Directors and Senior Development staff at Bay Area legal aid nonprofits.

Contact Gail Quan at to join.

California Housing Advocates listserv 

The California housing advocates listserv is a list for general California housing discussions. It is run by Western Center on Law & Poverty.

Contact Jasmine Guerrero at to join.

California Tenants in Foreclosure Listserv 

This listserv brings together California attorneys and advocates who represent tenants in foreclosure situations, including post-foreclosure evictions. This listserv is a forum for members to post questions and answers relating to representing tenants in foreclosure in California and to share new developments in the issue area. This listserv is administered by the National Housing Law Project.

Contact Lisa Sitkin at to join.

Housing Justice Network 

The National Housing Law Project’s HJN is an informal network of more than 700 experienced housing advocates and clients from throughout the country. It is your “ear to the ground” in identifying emerging issues and keeping abreast of proposed regulatory and legislative changes.

Visit to join.

Bay Area and Beyond – Social Justice Executive Director Google Group

The Bay Area and Beyond Social Justice ED list is for executive directors who work at civil legal nonprofits here in California. The group meets by zoom once a quarter and uses the Google Group for sharing resources. It is only for those working in civil legal nonprofits, not the larger nonprofit community. 

Contact Gail Quan at to join.

Human Resources Staff Listserv

This statewide listserv allows all IOLTA-funded programs to share knowledge and best practices. HR staff at IOLTA programs interact with peers about structuring HR departments, exploring issues unique to HR in the legal services community, and discussing topics such as employee benefits, training, career management, conflict resolution, useful technologies, hiring, and any other appropriate areas.

Contact Gail Quan at to join.

Impact Litigation Listserv

The Impact Fund operates this listserv for issues related to impact litigation.

Contact Teddy Basham-Witherington at to join.

LSNTAP Listservs 

The Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project operates a listserv for discussion of all things related to the use of technology in legal services.

Contact to join.

Management Information Exchange Listservs 

MIE operates listservs to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among fundraisers, managers and administrators who work with programs that deliver legal assistance or legal information to the low-income community (including LSC-funded, IOLTA-funded, pro bono, protection and advocacy, and elderly legal services programs).

Contact to join.

National Consumer Law Center’s Consumer Advocates Listserv 

This listserv is operated by the National Consumer Law Center for discussion of issues related to consumer protection and advocacy.

Contact Lauren K. Saunders at to join.

National Legal Aid & Defenders Association Listservs

The NLADA operates listservs on a variety of topics relevant to legal aid for its member organizations, including a list for litigation directors, race equity, and more.

Visit to join.

National LGBT Legal Aid Forum Listserv 

The National LGBT Legal Aid Forum is a listserv dedicated to improving legal services for low-income LGBT clients. This listserv is a forum for members to post questions and answers related to serving LGBT clients, and to share resources and updates on new developments in LGBT-related law. This listserv is administered by California Rural Legal Assistance and the National Center for Lesbian Rights with guidance and support from a committee of attorneys from New York Legal Assistance Group, Lambda Legal and Legal Services of Northern California.

Visit join.

California Welfare Advocates Google Group

This group operated by Legal Services of Northern California, is a confidential space to discuss any public benefits related issues.  It is open to legal services attorneys and non-attorney advocates, and pro bono attorneys serving low-income clients.

Email Stephen Goldberg at to join.

United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division 

In order to keep interested parties informed of the Division’s work, the Division now offers e-mail updates on a variety of topics, including: Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons, Education, Employment, Fair Lending, Hate Crimes, Human Trafficking, International/Human Rights, LGBT Issues, Law Enforcement Misconduct, Limited English Proficiency, Post 9/11 Backlash, Religious Discrimination, Service Members, Title VI, Voting, Women’s Rights, Fair Housing Press Releases, Disability Rights, Fair Housing, Immigrant Rights and National Origin Discrimination.

Visit to join.