Discounts to help your organization save money

LAAC knows that every dollar saved in operations is another dollar you can put toward client services. Below, we’ve collected a list of ways that your organization can save resources. We would love to hear of more ideas! Also note that we are not promoting any of these vendors or services, we just want to make sure you know where there are possible savings.


  • Health, Vision, Dental, Long-Term Disability, Life, and Workers Comp: Many legal aid organizations are also members of CalNonprofits. That allows you to participate in CalNonprofits Insurance Services, which offers excellent rates on many of your insurance needs.
  • Directors and Officers, General Liability, Cyber Liability, and other business insurance: You can also get good rates on this through CalNonprofits Insurance Services.
  • Malpractice/Professional liability insurance: Many legal aid organizations get their malpractice insurance through their NLADA membership. The NLADA Insurance Program offers competitive rates meant to help legal nonprofits save money.
  • Unemployment insurance: Some organizations choose to use the Unemployment Insurance Trust to save money.

Retirement Plans

  • 401k/403B: LAAC encourages you to reach out to your local nonprofit networks and ask if any local financial planners offer a nonprofit discount for plan administration. Many of them do, including Retirement Benefits Group, which offers discounts to CalNonprofits members.
  • SIMPLE IRA: If you’re hoping to choose a new plan for your organization, you should consider a SIMPLE IRA plan. Here’s a great chart comparing many different retirement options for small nonprofits (100 or fewer employees). LAAC’s board voted in 2014 to offer a SIMPLE IRA to our staff, and 100% of eligible employees participate. Feel free to email Salena at if you want to chat about how the board made that leap.

Case Management Systems

  • Legal Server: Although LAAC does not offer a member discount on Legal Server, we know many of our members are happy with their cloud-based case management software also designed for legal nonprofits.

Other Technology

  • Westlaw: LAAC negotiates a discount for our members who are eligible.
  • LexisAdvance®: Eligible LAAC members may receive a substantial discount.
  • Essential Forms: LAAC contracts with Continuing Education of the Bar to get a substantial discount on Essential Forms, fillable Judicial Council forms.
  • ReadyTalk: Audio and web conferencing, discount for CalNonprofits members.
  • TechSoup: Check them out for all your tech needs, such as DocuSign for e-signatures. Availability for certain discounts depends on your organization’s size, so click here to find out what discounts you might get.
  • Alternative Technologies: AltTech, based in the Bay Area, provides networking, cabling, phone, and other services to nonprofits.
  • Google offers free Gmail and Google Apps for nonprofits.

Other Operations Discounts

  • Voiance (online telephone interpretation): LAAC members get are eligible for a discount!
  • HR Support, Payroll Services: CalChoice (which you can get through CalNonprofits Insurance Services) offers competitive rates for small businesses.
  • Employment Law Resources: CalNonprofits offers free access to
  • Accounting and Finance: CalNonprofits offers discounts to their members for bookkeeping, accounting, and online payment collections.
  • HR services: CalChamber offers discounts for their members.
  • Miscellaneous: Both CalNonprofits and CalChamber offer many discounts on office supplies, FedEx, UPS, marketing, etc.
  • Anytime that you purchase or lease any new equipment for your office ASK for a nonprofit discount! It works!

Conferences and Training

Always ask if there are nonprofit discounts or scholarships at any conference your staff attends. You would be surprised at how many times there are unpublished discounts available.

If your organization is using an affordable service you recommend or know of other discounts, please let us know!