IOLTA Restructure Process 2012-2015

The State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Commission (usually known as the California IOLTA Commission) is currently planning a restructure of the IOLTA reporting and application process. The upcoming changes will affect all members of the IOLTA community.

The two biggest proposed changes are unified calendar for both IOLTA and EAF and a requirement of assigning a “benefit” to the clients for cases closed. Other changes will occur in tandem with the unified calendar, including implementation of online grant applications and other administrative streamlining.

As a service to our members and to the larger community, LAAC is working with the State Bar through this important process. LAAC has been invited by the State Bar, along with other legal aid representatives, to serve on an advisory committee to restruture the program in a way that meets the goals of the restructure while being sensitive to programs’ needs. We will share resources below and will convene conference calls to help everyone engage in and understand the process. Please feel free to email Salena Copeland ( at any time.

Brief history and notes from 2012 meetings

Proposed changes [link coming soon] [Editor’s note: no link on old site]

Proposed Timeline
Late 2013 — State Bar selects new grant-making software.

January-Feb 2014 — State Bar hosts in-person meetings for IOLTA programs.

February-April 2014 — After input from community, main “benefits” of each case closed will be selected.

February-March 2014 — Application period for bridge 2014 grants. The bridge will cover IOLTA July-December, EAF October-December.

April 2014 — Application period for NEW grant calendar January – December 2015.

July-December, October-December — Bridge period for 2014 IOLTA and EAF. Data collection will be piloted. This is the opportunity for feedback on the implementation of the changes.

January 2015 — NEW IOLTA and EAF grant years begin. Data collection now required.

Examples of other states who’ve implemented these changes
New York report to the NY Chief Justice (2010)
Virginia report to the Commonwealth and Assembly (2009)

Additional Resources
California Business and Professsions Code on IOLTA
State Bar Rules on IOLTA