Saturday, May 30, 2015


Employment Opportunities

2015 Law Student Position Description

LAAC will be accepting 1-2 volunteer law clerks for summer 2015 and 1-2 for fall 2015. All law clerks will participate in projects in all of LAAC’s core areas, including advocacy, training, coordination, and technology.   Although the specific projects on which the law students will work are subject to change, the overall work will contain some of the following types of projects.
  • Legal research and writing supporting LAAC’s current advocacy projects
  • Legal memos on topics relevant to legal services programs more broadly
  • Legislative analysis of pending bills affecting legal services and the courts
  • Support to LAAC’s Advocacy Committee and Executive Director, as needed
  • Support to LAAC’s Program Attorney on amicus efforts
  • Assistance preparing materials for the June “Pathways to Justice” conference
  • Assistance preparing materials for Senior Legal Services Provider meetings
  • Possibly organize existing training resources for new attorneys
Statewide Coordination
  • Support to the LAAC Executive Director and Program Attorney
Technology – LAAC’s statewide legal services website,
  • Work with the LAAC Program Associate to update content and postings to websites
  • Perhaps draft original content intended for legal services attorneys
 If you would like to be considered for the law clerk positions, please email
For employment opportunities at LAAC member organizations, please click here.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

We traditionally hire one to two undergraduate work-study interns per year.  If you are interested in becoming a LAAC intern, please email to see if we will have an opening in the next academic session.

If you are interested in volunteering in the future, please contact
When we have a need for volunteers, we're happy to see if you're available!