Thursday, July 30, 2015


What does LAAC do?

California's low-income population is growing. The need for coordinated legal services is even greater now. Almost 6 million Californians are now living at or below the federal poverty line. Most low-income households face legal barriers to basic life necessities – including freedom from violence, access to health care, safe and stable housing, and access to education. LAAC’s coordination, training, and advocacy for increased funding support the under-resourced nonprofits that serve those clients. 

LAAC’s three core program areas are:

1. Advocacy, which focuses on increasing funding to support legal services;
We advocate
On behalf of you: for more money for legal services with our statewide advocacy on bills affecting your budget.
On behalf of your clients: for better laws for legal services and your clients. 
2. Training and Coordination within the California IOLTA Community, consisting of in-person conferences, online trainings, statewide meetings, and online resource sharing; 
We train
In-person: LAAC is proud that our members cover the entire state of California. To make sure your training needs are met, we sponsor trainings throughout the state, bringing experts to you. 
Online: LAAC realizes that budgets are extremely tight, and it is difficult for staff to carve out time to go to conferences. That is why we offer free webinar trainings throughout the year, partnering with Support Center staff and other experts from around the state. Staff can access training and MCLE credit from the comfort of their own desk (or on the road via smart phone). 
3. Member Services, including discounts on trainings, software, and interpretation services.
We serve our members

By creating community: We ensure that colleagues from around the state can share best practices, resources, and litigation strategy. We do this work through our sections and by staff maintenance of
By offering benefits: We search for ways to save our member programs money to free up your resources for client services.