This webinar will discuss how the Judicial Council is structured in California and explain how you can help shape the direction of the branch.
Date training recorded: Apr 7, 2016
Trainer(s): Julia Weber, Kyanna Williams
Sponsoring Organization(s): Judicial Council of California (Judicial Council)


California’s court system is the largest in the nation and handles millions of cases each year. This webinar will discuss how the third branch of government is structured in California and explain how you can help shape the direction of the branch.

1) What is the Judicial Council of California? What does it do? What authority does it have? How are the state courts organized and governed?

2) Judicial Council Advisory Boards and Task Forces – What do they do? Why would I want to be on one? What is the application process?

3) What is the process for creating and changing Judicial Council forms and Statewide Rules of Court? What impact can I make on those rules and forms?

1 hour MCLE credit available.

Presented by:
Bonnie Hough, Managing Attorney, Judicial Council
Julia Weber, Supervising Attorney, Judicial Council
Kyanna Williams, Attorney, Judicial Council

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The Judicial Council: Structure and Opportunities to Get Involved


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