Explores difficulties of implementing the Hague Child Abduction Convention in countries that have different conceptions of divorce, custody, and litigation.
Date training recorded: Jun 4, 2014
Trainer(s): Ji-Lan Zang
Sponsoring Organization(s): Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)


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As international marriages become more common and families become more mobile internationally, practitioners are now facing cultural competency issues on a regular basis. Specifically, in cases involving the Hague Child Abduction Convention, cultural conflicts often arise. In those cases, the bench is often called upon to interpret foreign family law as well as to uphold the principles of the Hague Convention, when there may be underlying misunderstandings and presumptions about the other country’s laws and cultural norms. This training will explore the difficulties of implementing the Hague Convention in countries that have radically different conceptions of divorce, custody, and litigation from the Western framework. We will also discuss cultural competency issues in litigating a Hague Convention case in the United States, including biases from the bench, how such biases impact case planning, and how to educate the bench to prevent biases.

Presented by Ji-Lan Zang, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

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The Hague Abduction Convention: Cultural Competency Issues


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