Provides details about the new Approved Relative Caregiver Funding Option Program (ARC).
Date training recorded: Nov 7, 2014
Trainer(s): Angie Schwartz, Brian Blalock, Alice Bussiere
Sponsoring Organization(s): Alliance for Children’s Rights, Bay Area Legal Aid (BayLegal), Youth Law Center (YLC)


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Beginning January 1, 2014 the Approved Relative Caregiver Funding Option Program (ARC) will provide increased support for relatives caring for children in foster care. This session will provide details about the new program, a brief overview of the benefits available to children placed with relatives (AFDC-FC, Kin-GAP, Adoption Assistance, and SSI), and a review of the questions relatives should ask before agreeing to care for a child.

Presented by:
Angie Schwartz, Alliance for Children’s Rights
Brian Blalock, Bay Area Legal Aid
Alice Bussiere, Youth Law Center

1 Hour of General CLE is available.

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Supporting Relative Caregivers


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