Disability Rights California's "Accessibility in Publicly Funded Housing" project.
Date training recorded: Aug 23, 2016
Trainer(s): Autumn Elliott, Dara Schur
Sponsoring Organization(s): Disability Rights California (DRC)


Community Development Series: Accessibility in Publicly Funded Housing from Legal Aid Association of Calif. on Vimeo.

Accessibility in Subsidized Housing: People who use wheelchairs or have other physical accessibility requirements are, as a practical matter, excluded from almost all subsidized housing in California. Meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities requires housing that is both affordable and accessible. There are a variety of federal and state laws that can be used to make more publicly funded and developed housing accessible to people with disabilities, particularly people with mobility and sensory disabilities. The Webinar will cover the applicable legal grounds, and a variety of litigation and advocacy approaches for increasing the amount of subsidized housing that is actually accessible and available to people with disabilities. Disability Rights California’s project on “Building Communities that Include People with Disabilities” is aimed at fostering increased accessibility.

Dara Schur, DRC
Autumn Elliot, DRC

1 hour of Elimination of Bias MCLE credit available

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Community Development Series: Accessibility in Publicly Funded Housing


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