Olivia Solon
November 23, 2017

Family Violence Appellate Project and FreeFrom, are making great strides in helping domestic abuse survivors get back on their feet. FreeFrom and FVAP work together to help women become financially dependent from their abuser and win custody battles. Women often struggle in custody battles due to financial instability but with the help of Family Violence Appellate Project and FreeFrom, domestic abuse survivors can tackle the courtroom and become financially independent from their abusers, making it less difficult to leave.

“One in four women in the US will experience severe violence at the hands of their partner during their lifetime. On top of physical abuse, most survivors (98%) are also financially abused, with income taken away from them and debt racked up on credit cards taken out in their name. It’s the financial insecurity – no job, no cash, no credit – that can make it very difficult for victims to leave their abusers for good.”

Women-led startup turns domestic abuse survivors into entrepreneurs
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Family Violence Appellate Project (FVAP), FreeFrom
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