November 14, 2017

Following suit from New York City, supervisors in San Francisco have introduced legislation that would guarantee legal counsel to low-income SF residents facing no-fault evictions. The legislation would cost the city an estimated $3.9 million, but would in turn save $4 per every $1 spent on services for the homeless. This news comes just weeks after local citizens introduced a similar ballot measure, that goes a little further by expanding the reach of those that would be eligible for the program. While some believe the proposed ordinance undermines the ballot initiative, City Hall asserts that an ordinance will be faster and more easy to amend, if needed.

Research shows that in the majority of landlord tenant disputes that go to court, only the landlord has legal representation. In the majority of cases where the tenant is able to secure an attorney, they win their cases. If the legislation passes, this will be a massive win for residents in the city of San Francisco.

SF supervisors announce legislation guaranteeing tenants’ right to legal counsel
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