Frank Shyong
November 3, 2017

Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Los Angeles filed suit against the federal government in order to stop the detentions of Cambodian descent refugees. Immigration authorities have been detaining hundreds of Cambodians in the last month over convictions like assault and unlawful gun possession but treating deportation. According to Annop Prasad, an attorney from the SF chapter said, “There was no process, no hearing, no evidence, no cause to support the detention of these people

The federal government is accused to using these human beings as “bargaining chips” due to the country’s resistance to the Trump Administration. Although there has not been any deportations yet, the lawsuit argues that the detainees are essentially American and should not be deported. Many of the detainees were born in refugee camps and have never been to Cambodia.

ICE raids are targeting Cambodian immigrants caught between two countries, advocates say
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (Advancing Justice-LA)