Hop On The Justice Bus: Next Stop? Citizenship

Karen Grigsby Bates
August 27, 2017

OneJustice’s longheld “Justice Bus” tradition was recently profiled by NPR’s Code Switch – a blog and podcast on race and identity. The Justice Bus program brings advocates to the cities that need them by transporting legal aid and pro bono attorneys around the state and setting up temporary clinics in different cities.

This time, the Justice Bus crew provided services to in need of assistance by helping them apply for U.S. citizenship. The temporary immigration clinic helped families and individuals navigate the complex paperwork of attaining legal status. After recent policy changes, the need for increased legal services for immigrant and mixed-status is expected to increase.

The paperwork can be intimidating for many. Michele Seyler, an immigration and naturalization expert from Central American Resource Center says, “I think it’s an incredibly overwhelming process for people. A lot of them are visibly anxious, a lot of them are older, and the process is really confusing, even for me. And so I can feel their stress when they walk into my office.”  Thankfully, assisting attorneys help ease the anxiety by pointing out a list of “red flagged” questions on the application.

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Organizations mentioned/involved: OneJustice