September 27, 2017

Every little step counts, but it is always fantastic to see when legal aid can many a big impact. In this case, an entire county. California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) and Public Interest Law Project (PILP) teamed up to represent an indigent resident of Monterey County in coastal California. The team found that Monterey had not been adequately following state law and was significantly underpaying extremely indigent county residents who relied on monthly payments from the General Assistance (GA) program.

After a successful lawsuit filed by CRLA and PILP the county has agreed to increase their regular payments and has even adopted a new appeal process that ensures that applicants and recipients can appeal a negative County decision.

Read the full press release here.

Low Income Residents Compel Monterey County to Follow State Law
Read the full press release here.

Organizations mentioned/involved: California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA), Public Interest Law Project (PILP)
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