April 5, 2017

Most people who live in the San Francisco Bay Area know very well just how dirty the stations can be. However, for many people without disabilities, they do not have to experience the unsanitary conditions of the elevators and other facilities. This, along with the endless out of service elevators, escalators, fare gates, and call boxes, have contributed to an environment that advocates believe are unsuitable and even discriminate against people with disabilities.

“I encounter human waste in BART elevators several times a week — so frequently that it has become a predictable part of my commute,” a regular BART rider said. “My hope is that this lawsuit will finally get BART to address the needs of the disability community.”

Legal Aid at Work and Disability Rights Advocates have filed a complaint against the Bay Area Rapid Transit, citing their multiple civil rights violations that hurt people with disabilities.

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Rights groups sue BART over ‘filthy’ elevators, broken escalators
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid at Work
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