Dominic Fracassa
March 21, 2017

Right now, programs across the nation are bracing themselves for an astounding reduction in federal funding. While some organizations are having their budgets significantly reduced, others – such as the long time, bipartisan supported Legal Services Corporation – are being cut altogether.

While nonprofits, judges, courts, private law firms, sports coaches, and every day citizens are speaking out and standing up for continued funding for legal aid, legal aid organizations are beginning to organize.

LAAC ED, Salena Copeland, was quoted discussing LAAC’s efforts to push for an increase of $30 million for legal aid in California’s budget in the next fiscal year.

Now more than ever, LAAC is working even harder to increase funding for legal aid and equal access to justice for Californians.

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Legal aid groups prepare for loss of federal funds
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Bay Area Legal Aid, Legal Services Corporation (LSC), California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA), Legal Aid Association of California (LAAC)