Megan O’Neil
December 2, 2016

Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, along with several other South Bay nonprofits, have partnered with the tech giant, Facebook to expand affordable housing and place protections on low-income residents in the South Bay Area. Facebook has pledged $20 million to this cause that will be spread out over multiple different areas.

The majority of the money will go to creating “new and scalable ways to increase the volume of affordable housing.” Another portion will go into helping repair the already existing homes of vulnerable groups, such as seniors, people with disabilities, and people that cannot afford the maintenance their home needs. $625,000 will also go into job training for low income residents in science, engineering, and technology and $500,000 for legal support for those facing displacement or eviction.

The company has cited the housing crisis has one of the most urgent issues they are facing in the Bay Area and have expressed hopes that more companies will join them in funding the creation of more affordable housing in the area. Facebook has also stated that this $20 million will only be their initial contribution to the ongoing crisis but plan on continuing support for this movement into the future.

This is a huge victory and a great first step in the right direction. While this funding will be critical in protecting low income South Bay residents, the impact will not be immediate and there is a continued need for active financial and legal support in these areas.

Facebook Pledges $20 Million for Affordable Housing in Bay Area
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (CLSEPA)