October 25, 2016

City and school officials in San Francisco have recently announced a plan to provide housing assistance to K-12 teachers in the city. The plans are the result of statewide teacher shortage across California, which has been exacerbated in the city by the continuing housing crisis throughout the Bay Area.

Desperate for teachers, the mayor’s office along with local teacher unions, the school district, community housing groups, and legal aid organizations have teamed up to create a program for San Francisco teachers that would build new housing and protect teachers already residing in the city with housing workshops, financial assistance, and legal services, such as from the San Francisco State Bar’s Justice & Diversity Center. Officials hope this new strategy will draw in new teachers and keep the remaining ones in place. Read the full story here.

City of San Francisco, school district offer housing assistance to help keep teachers in city
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Justice and Diversity Center (JDC)
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