One reason so many veterans are homeless? They can’t afford lawyers.

Martha Bergmark, Ellen Lawton
July 8, 2016

Randall Barry, a U.S. Air Force veteran, has shelter and financial security for the first time in years due to Inner City Law Center’s Homeless Veterans Project (HVP) – “a medical-legal partnership that provides wrap-around health care, case management and legal services to chronically homeless veterans who are high-need high users of emergency health services.”

Barry began experiencing “debilitating symptoms of bipolar disorder” while still serving in the Air Force. Despite seeing a psychologist he was never formally diagnosed. After being discharged, Barry struggled to find work and he was denied disability compensation by the VA. Barry became homeless in 2008.

With the help of ICLC’s HVP attorneys, in connection with the VA’s Homeless Patient Aligned Care Teams, Barry was finally able to get a bipolar diagnosis, transitional housing, and eventually secure the disability benefits that were denied to him years ago.

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