May 31, 2016

California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su reached a $190,000 settlement on behalf of three workers who were victims of wage theft while employed at a Rosemead restaurant, Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa. The settlement comes after the owners faced a lawsuit for fraudulently transferring the restaurant’s ownership to avoid paying the workers their back pay.

The Labor Commissioner’s Office teamed up with the Wage Justice Center to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in June 2015 against the three owners and their corporations to enforce payment of the August 2013 orders.

“With the Wage Justice Center, my office has brought a number of similar cases in recent years, demonstrating how partnerships between government and community organizations can make a real difference in stopping wage theft and providing results for California workers,” said California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su.

Labor Commissioner Reaches Settlement to Secure $190,000 in Back Pay for Rosemead Restaurant Workers
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Wage Justice Center
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