Kelli Saam
May 25, 2016

A major class action lawsuit filed today details horrific civil rights abuses in Shasta County Jail against people with disabilities.

Representing the inmates are a team of lawyers from advocacy organizations: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC); and private firms: Atabek & Associates and Keker & Van Nest.

The suit also alleges retaliation by Sheriff’s Office staff against disabled inmates who complain about the absence of facilities that can be accessed by them.

Dorsey Nunn, Executive Director of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, said, “[as] an organization of currently and formerly incarcerated people, we are very concerned about the human rights violations against all people in jails and prisons. People do not shed their humanity at booking. We hope this litigation will result in Shasta County properly caring for the people in their custody.”

Lawsuit says Shasta Co. Jail mistreats disabled inmates
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC)