Buena Vista residents sue Palo Alto over closure approval

Gennady Sheyner
August 27, 2015

Residents of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park filed a lawsuit challenging the city’s decision to allow the park’s closure and to block the evictions.

The city allocated $14.5 million in affordable housing funds in May to buy the park after community pressure

Attorney Kyra Kazantzis of the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley argued that city officials did not give a fair hearing, “ignored its obligation to affirmatively further fair housing throughout the closure process”; deviated from the Housing Element; and that mitigation measures weren’t enough for residents to move to “comparable housing.” The suit also notes that the City Council took “no action to preserve Buena Vista until after it had already approved Buena Vista’s closure.”

The city’s Housing Element, adopted in 2014, includes “preserve the 120 mobile home units in the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park as a low and moderate income housing resource” and find “appropriate local, state and federal funding to assist in the preservation and maintenance of the existing units in the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park.”

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Organizations mentioned/involved: Law Foundation of Silicon Valley