Laura Flynn
August 19, 2015

Guests include Youth Radio reporters and attorney Frankie Guzman with the National Center for Youth Law.

“There are no real available mentors, so to speak, in these communities, especially like the ones that I come from, but there is an abundance of law enforcement. We talk about resources not being available in these communities – my mom, she would try to do the right thing, she put my in Little League, to have a positive activity for me, but unfortunately my Little League was not really invested in. We had no uniforms, and we only had two teams, so I played the same team every game. And to me it was just demoralizing,” says Guzman.

This is part of the series Unlocked, an investigation into juvenile incarceration and its alternatives.

Your Call: What are the long-term impacts of youth who spend time behind bars?
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Organizations mentioned/involved: National Center for Youth Law (NCYL)
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