Greg Mellen
November 19, 2015

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant rejected Huntington Beach’s proposed changes to the housing plan for Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue that would have kept the city 400 units short of the state’s requirements for low-income housing projects.

The Kennedy Commission filed a lawsuit in July 2015, saying that the changes limited affordable housing in violation of state law.

Sarah Gregory, attorney for the Public Law Center representing the Kennedy Commission, said the order prevents the city from delaying the finalization of the housing plan and will force them to bring the discussion back to the public.

“The overarching message is you can’t just do it haphazardly or disregard the law because it’s politically convenient,” Gregory said.

Residents complained of the new development’s size, appearance, traffic, parking, and noise pollution.

Court: Huntington Beach can’t remove hundreds of low-income units from housing plan
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