August 14, 2015

A San Francisco Superior Court judge on Friday upheld the enforcement of California laws barring physician-assisted suicide after a hearing for a lawsuit filed by several terminally ill patients.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office wrote in recent court papers, “California law prohibits assisted suicide without exception. While plaintiffs pose many difficult policy questions worthy of public debate, it is for the Legislature, not this court, to grapple with these important policy issues.”

Kathryn Tucker, the executive director of the Disability Rights Legal Center, says there is popular support for the right to die in California and is considering an appeal. Tucker said the lawsuit sought extraordinary relief in the form of a preliminary injunction for clients like Angie Bloomquist, who died before the case was heard. “She was not able to achieve a death consistent with her wishes and she died a horrible death,” Tucker said.

SF Judge Upholds Law Prohibiting Physician-Assisted Suicide
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