Cindy Carcamo, Molly Hennessy-Fiske
August 7, 2015

The Obama administration has continued to hold hundreds of immigrant families in detention facilities despite Judge Dolly Gee’s order that effectively asked for release of all children and mothers not deemed to be flight or national security risks.

“It’s disappointing that the administration continues to push to jail women and children seeking asylum,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose). “The writing is on the wall — family detention is unacceptable, un-American, and will end. Rather than fight the court’s ruling, the right and moral response is to swiftly take the necessary steps to bring our nation’s detention policy in line with the Flores settlement agreement.”

The federal administration insists that facility conditions have improved and cut down waiting times. They say that further pressure “would heighten the risk of another surge in illegal migration … by incentivizing adults to bring children with them on their dangerous journey as a means to avoid detention and gain access to the interior of the United States.”

Peter Schey, one of the lead attorneys from the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, expects to prevail after filing next week against the administration. “They are requesting that the court completely rewrite the Flores settlement, and they have no factual basis for that — there is no surge; there has not been a surge for quite some time,” Schey said.


Detained immigrant mothers and children trapped in legal limbo
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