Brown vetoes bill, which would have helped students of shuttered colleges

John Glidden
October 12, 2015

Students hurt by the sudden closure of trade schools owned by the Corinthian Colleges earlier this year will not receive state assistance. Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill last week which would have offered help to some 13,000 Californians left in the lurch by the abrupt April closure of Heald College, WyoTech and Everest campuses.

Brown objected to a provision that would have created a new, state-funded program to give legal aid to students seeking federal student-loan debt relief, calling it “premature.” He pointed to steps the U.S. Department of Education has taken to make it simpler for the students to clear their debts.

The news came as a disappointment to legal advocates who say they have been overwhelmed by students needing assistance.

“Students all over the state have been facing nearly insurmountable challenges as they try to manage their debt and find their way to other educational institutions,” Angela Perry, Law Fellow at Public Advocates Inc., said in a statement. “[W]ithout the benefits of AB 573, they will be left to fend for themselves.”

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Organizations mentioned/involved: Public Advocates Inc.
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