Anh Do
March 18, 2015

The ACLU Foundation of Southern California and Asian Americans Advancing Justice — LA (Advancing Justice-LA) argue that Fullerton’s system for electing council members violates the California Voting Rights Act by preventing large segments of the community, especially Asian Americans, from being adequately represented.

The California Voting Rights Act prohibits cities from imposing at-large elections designed to dilute the influence, voting power, and representation of minority communities.

Fullerton, a city of 135,000 people, is 23% Asian. None of the city council members are Asian American.

“Almost one in four eligible voters in Fullerton is Asian American, yet despite their sizable numbers, no Asian American currently serves on the City Council,” said Deanna Kitamura, senior staff attorney at Advancing Justice-LA.



Fullerton’s at-large voting system shuts out Asian Americans, suit says
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (Advancing Justice-LA)