Mobile Home Tenants Battle Landlords Over Rent Hikes

Jennifer Wadsworth
March 18, 2015

Investment Property Group (IPG) is increasing rent by over $125 — this is in addition to the San Jose’s mobile home rent control limit of a 3 percent increase — for Oak Crest Estates tenants.

Residents say that capital improvement costs, such as remodeling the clubhouse and repaving roads, totaling about $500,000, are being passed on to tenants by being labeled as “service upgrades”, even though they are usually necessary repairs or maintenance.

“It’s troubling because these tenants are totally at the mercy of the landowner,” says James Zahradka, an attorney for the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley. “It’s also tough because there are so many folks living on fixed incomes in these communities. They can’t easily generate any more money.”

A mediator from the city will meet with Oak Crest tenants’ attorney Bruce Stanton, who also represents the Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League. Residents who could not afford legal help designated fellow resident Alan Hinman as their proxy.

Over the last ten years, 4,972 mobile home lots in California have been replaced by new development.

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Organizations mentioned/involved: Law Foundation of Silicon Valley