Stephanie Stone
May 20, 2015

Former students of Heald College are discovering that their credits may not be transferable and not everyone will qualify for loan forgiveness, leaving many with large sums of debt.

Central California Legal Services Managing Attorney Frank Huerta is assisting these former students. He said, “It’s extremely unfortunate that they’re left on the hook potentially for these loans and even for those who want to continue their education find it may take longer than they originally anticipated.”

Legal education seminars are helpful, but Huerta says every student has a unique situation. Students have to weigh the choice between erasing their debt or keeping their credits. Huerta said, “For the Heald students that’s a tough choice to essentially say I’ve got to restart my education from zero.”

Help for Heald College students?
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Central California Legal Services, Inc. (CCLS)