L.A. County slow to probe nursing home complaints, state statistics show

Abby Sewell
May 16, 2015

A new contract in July has more money allocated for investigations, but LA County still the slowest to turn around complaints, taking an average of 352 days to close each complaint.

Los Angeles County is the only county that independently handles investigations into complaints of abuse, neglect, crime, and substandard conditions at California nursing homes and long-term health care facilities. In every other county, the California Department of Public Health conducts these investigations.

County officials say that they do not have the funding needed to timely investigate these complaints, and have had to prioritize complaints involving deaths, serious injuries, and criminal behavior

“Nursing home residents who are being mistreated can’t afford to wait years before their complaints are investigated,” said Mike Connors of California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform.

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Organizations mentioned/involved: California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform
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