Man posing as attorney lied to immigrants seeking legal help

Kate Linthicum
June 2, 2015

Two undercover Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs investigators recorded evidence that led to three misdemeanor criminal counts against Jesus Lozano, a Spanish-speaking man posing as a licensed attorney: practicing law without a license, acting as an immigration consultant without registering with the state, and violating court orders to stop providing legal services.

In a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of Delfina and Faustino Donato in 2002 by NLS, they said they paid Lozano $800 to sue their landlord. A contempt of court case was filed against him by Neighborhood Legal Services in 2012 for violating an order in 2003 from a Superior Court judge that prohibited Lozano from doing any legal work.

In 2013, Lozano was found in contempt of court again. He agreed to serve jail time and to pay back victims. Instead of paying back his former clients or showing up to serve his jail time, Lozano filed for bankruptcy later that year.

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Organizations mentioned/involved: Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County (NLSLA)