Alexis Alvarez

Alexis Alvarez is an attorney at Legal Aid at Work.

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Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Direct Legal Services (intellectual, developmental, and/or psycho-social disabilities):

Oct 23, 2019
This session will offer some limited discussion of general language use and disability etiquette relating to the disabilities being covered in this session, as well as biases and stereotypes prevalent in popular culture. The primary focus will be on accommodations, policy modifications, and best practices when working with people with intellectual, developmental, and/or psycho-social disabilities. Physical accessibility will also be covered since people can have multiple disabilities. We will also spend some time addressing intersectionality and things to consider when working with folks with multiple marginalized identities, including disability. This session is focused on delivery of legal services in a direct services context.
MCLE: 1 hour (Elimination of Bias)

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